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We have owned Von Wilhendorfs puppies and our last we purchased in 2009 who is a sire of Teejay Von Wilhendorf. We would own no othet but this breed. We have been very blessed and continue to be.

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In 2007 we got two puppies who's sire is Teejay Von Wilhendorf. They will be turning 10 this November. We have owned a lot of dogs over the years, these two are the best dogs we have ever owned. Our male looks just like his sire Teejay, and he is so smart it is incredible, he always tells us what he wants. The best dogs you can ever have with kids once they have been introduced to someone, they know it is ok. Our male had an operation last year... Read more

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I love our German Shepard we got her from John ,tee Jay's daughter ,she is a cupcake ,sweet as can be , we have 5 daughters and our 6th is our beautiful German Shepard so proud to have her in our family life is truly better with her

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Von Wilhendorf - Review about Puppy from Country Club Hills, Illinois
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Purchased a puppy in Sept. 2010. A male, he has had diarreha all his life, never has an appetite, can't put on weight, weighs a whopping 65 lbs. Litter was from his prize dog, Tee-Jay, which i noticed he looked on the skinny side when we picked the puppy up. Dog has had various diet changes, vet visits and testing, and its obvious there is something wrong with his digestive system. EPI, or IBS, something wrong in the intestines. Failure to... Read more

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I too, purchased a male in September 2010. Son of his acclaimed Tee-Jay. Dog has never had a solid stool from day 1. Weighs in at a whopping 65 lbs., skinny because he cannot absorb nutrients. Major vet bills, probably wont live past 8 yrs. John, you probably have sold quality dogs in the past, but you have a genetic problem going on with your stock and are failing to admit it. Yiu need to clean out and start over with healthy dogs. I live in... Read more

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Bought my female now 2 there at 8 weeks old very smart and full of drive as john had indicated. Worked with her and also had her in his puppy school for 2 weeks at four months old was great base for me and her. Always had a good experience and always get a return message when I contact him. Have also visited for once every few months training class and that has also been no issue. My girl came over from Germany from his partner there and was... Read more

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Well for one he is not lady friend is 70yo and on 11-18-15 bought a Shepard from john [3yo] for a whopping $5000.00. the dog was in need of food,bath,and 2 rear legs sad to say.for a man to rape a senior tells you what type a man he is.i'm thinking of posting pics when i find out how to do it.the dog can't really sit because they are deformed, i'm not a doc and can not explain his situation.he took advantage of my friend as he saw... Read more

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I agree that John is a puppy mill. I also have a sick dog from John Henkle - Von Wilendorf Shepherds that has issues with a deficient pancreas. This make the dog nit absorb the nutrients in food so the dog has lose stools, grayish hello stools and since the dog can't absorb food the dog is very thin. This can be treated w enzymes that are very very costly. My dog has this and is very sick. John claims the vet is wrong. I have spent thousands on... Read more

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We have a great dog,rudy, from john. I cant tell you how great the dog is and the experience with jonh was great also. Tom

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I am not related in any way to John Henkel. I met John shortly after I had to put my 11 year-old German Shepherd dog down (from Maryland). Our family was devastated. I was looking to buy a German Shepherd puppy. Eight years later I have 2 incredible German Shepherds - one is 8 years old and the other is 7 years old. John was also very helpful in teaching my family how to train the dogs. In my experience it is rare that someone can both... Read more

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